Samsudin Abd Hamid

Principal Technical Advisor (Geology)

Holds BSc. Geology (U. Malaya, Malaysia); over 30 years’ experience in the oil & gas industry, including field operations, FFR/FDP and resource assessment studies for oil & gas fields offshore Malaysia (PM, SB and SK) and international assets; member of Institut Geologi Malaysia (IGM) & the Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM)


  • Experience in Field Operations & Management - managed and supervised drilling of exploration wells, including side-wall coring and RFT interval sampling; prepared well completion reports, composite logs and mud logs; field geologist for surface geological survey, air photo interpretation, geochemical and biostratigraphic sampling & evaluation (maturation, migration and timing)
  • Expert in Geological Exploration & Development - skilled in conventional and unconventional resources; field development planning, data acquisition program & well planning, stratigraphic correlation & facies interpretation, fault & structural model construction, integration of multiple geoscience and engineering data, regional analyses, detailed assessments and evaluation of well database; qualitative interpretation projects on depositional systems and reservoir characterization. Published author on the subject of Petroleum Geology.
  • Proficient in Seismic Interpretation - 2D/3D seismic acquisition planning and interpretation for regional & specialized studies
  • Expert in Prospect Maturation & Asset Acquisition - data review for exploration studies, resource assessment, prospect maturation and prospect/lead/block evaluation; highly capable in conducting geological and geophysical evaluations in determining asset value, specializing in block exploration and asset acquisition.
  • Expert Trainer - skilled in mentoring new explorationists and has conducted trainings (classroom & field) for international clients.




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