Ngadni Temon

Chief Executive Officer / Principal Consultant (Geophysics)

Holds Master of Natural Science in Earth Sciences (University of Idaho, USA); 30 years experience in the oil & gas industry, including field operations, FFR/FDP/EOR & resource assessment studies for oil & gas fields offshore Malaysia (PM, SB and SK) and international assets; associate member of American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG), life member of Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM), member of Institut Geologi Malaysia (IGM)


  • Proficient in Managing & Leading Technical Teams - project management and negotiations, equity assessment, asset evaluation & reserves certification of onshore & offshore assets; work in a multi-disciplinary team for oil & gas exploration, appraisal and development drilling, FFR and FDPs
  • Proficient in Field Operations & Management - exploration drilling, appraisal drilling and development drilling & operations
  • Expert in Seismic Interpretation - 1D/2D/3D seismic acquisition planning, quality control and interpretation for regional & specialized studies, structural mapping, fault seal analysis, DHI / attribute analyses and reservoir modelling; stratigraphic, paleogeographic, facies, reservoir characterization and hydrocarbon accumulation modelling.
  • Expert in Geological Exploration & Development - skilled in field development planning, data acquisition program & well planning, integration of multiple geoscience and engineering data and design optimization
  • Expert in Prospect Maturation & Asset Acquisition - data review for exploration studies, resource assessment, prospect maturation and prospect/lead/block evaluation.





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