Jawati Abu Naim

General Manager / Principal Consultant (Geology)

  • Holds BSc. Geology (U. Malaya, Malaysia); 36 years of diversified experience in the oil & gas industry, including FFR/FDP and resource assessment studies for oil & gas fields offshore Malaysia (PM, SB and SK) and international assets; life member Geological Society of Malaysia (GSM), member of American Association of Petroleum Geologist (AAPG) and Institute Geology Malaysia (IGM), Malaysian Oil and Gas Engineering Council (MOGEC) curriculum panel member and a recognized Pakar Industri (PIND) – Minyak & Gas (Kementerian Sumber Manusia)
  • Proficient in Managing & Leading Technical Teams - manage & lead technical teams in completing technical assessment, reserves certifications and asset evaluations
  • Expert in Geological Exploration & Development - skilled in conventional and unconventional resources; integration of multiple geoscience and engineering data, regional analyses, detailed assessments and evaluation of well database; qualitative interpretation projects on depositional systems and reservoir characterization. Published author on the subject of Geology and Block Evaluation
  • Experience in Prospect Maturation & Asset Acquisition - acreage evaluation, data review for resource assessment and block acquisition
  • Experience in Research - basin regional study (primarily on clastic & reef carbonate plays), screening of hydrocarbon potential and the application of ArcGIS interactive mapping approach in hydrocarbon resource assessment.
  • Expert Trainer - skilled in mentoring new Geologists and has conducted trainings (classroom & field) for technical and non-technical clients.





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